Radiant Manipura Mala Bracelet
Radiant Manipura Mala Bracelet
Radiant Manipura Mala Bracelet
Radiant Manipura Mala Bracelet
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Radiant Manipura Mala Bracelet

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Amplify your intentions for the New Year with this Radiant Manipura Mala Bracelet. Each Mala Bracelet features 8mm Rainbow Flecked Citrine, Golden Aura Quartz, Shimmery Sunstone, Peach Tigers Eye, and Iridescent Trochidae Shell. Each Bracelet is accented with Gold Plated Beads and a 18k Gold Vermeil (Gold Plating over Sterling Silver) Ohm Charm. This blend of beads is perfect for working with the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras. These stones encourage confidence, passion, happiness, abundance, joy, and strength. Move into the year with energy and power knowing your goals are within reach as you follow the path of your soul's purpose.

—This listing is for (one) Mala Bracelet. Each bracelet is approximately 7” stretch to fit.

—Each bracelet was made with love, cleansed with Palo Santo, and infused with loving good vibes.

—Each bracelet includes gift wrapping and shipping with tracking within the US.

— International shipping is available, international buyers please be aware of your local import tax rates.

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**Energetic properties of Crystals are sourced from my favorite Crystal books and are meant to be used as tools to enhance your spiritual practice but are in no way meant to replace medical advice