Light & Natural Incense Match Set
Light & Natural Incense Match Set
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Light & Natural Incense Match Set

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Exactly what it sounds like! Lights like a match. Burns like incense. Easy to carry and an easy air freshener. Follow the directions inside each book. You light the match let it burn down a ¼ inch and blow it out. Now it becomes a stick of incense, emitting one of the fragrances below. Place it in a shallow ashtray or fireproof dish and enjoy.

This listing is for one set of 5 Incense Matchbooks. You will receive one matchbook of each of the 5 scents listed per set. See the scent descriptions below:


Light and Natural Set:

French Vanilla   

Smooth, creamy vanilla inspired by the cafés of Paris.           


Clean, crisp scent with floral notes.


An eclectic blend of natural scents made up of various flowers and herbs.  


A piney natural scent with sweet berry notes.


This traditional holiday fragrance is deep, smoky and rich.